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Integrated Health Services

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  • Health educator, author, lecturer and consultant
  • Holds a PhD and 3 doctorates.: Naturopathy, Herbology, Nutritional Science
  • MBA; Undergraduate degree in Economics
  • President & CEO of The International Institute of Original Medicine, a Christian distance learning Institute of Higher Learning, offering certifications in nutrition, herbology and medical missionary; and degree diplomas from the bachelor’s to the doctorate level in natural health
  • Former President of the Board of Directors of the Self-Healing Research Foundation in San Francisco
  • Director of the International Society of Naturopathy
  • Regional Director of the Alternative Integrative Medical Association
  • Founding Director of Integrated Health Therapies, a California based natural health care facility
  • Currently practices in Columbia, MD and Smithfield, VA, specializing in corrective nutrition and natural health consultation
  • Lectures nationally and internationally
  • Chairman of School Board, Elder and Health Ministries Leader
  • Chairman of  Chesapeake Conference K-12 conference-wide Think Tank
  • Member of NAD national Tobacco Council
  • Authored 4 books, Basic Principles of Total Health, Food & the Ideal Diet, Ways to Wellness Natural Recipe Book and Concepts of Original Medicine

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